Vol.122, No.3, 2020, pp.863-888, doi:10.32604/cmes.2020.08908
Implementation of PSOANN Optimized PI Control Algorithm for Shunt Active Filter
  • M. Sujith1, *, S. Padma2
1 Department of EEE, IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram, Tamilnadu, 605108, India.
2 Department of EEE, Sona College of Engineering, Salem, 636005, India.
* Corresponding Author: M. Sujith. Email: msujitheee@yahoo.co.in.
Received 23 October 2019; Accepted 02 January 2020; Issue published 01 March 2020
This paper proposes the optimum controller for shunt active filter (SAF) to mitigate the harmonics and maintain the power quality in the distribution system. It consists of shunt active filter, Voltage Source Inverter (VSI), series inductor and DC bus and nonlinear load. The proposed hybrid approach is a combination of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) termed as PSOANN. The PI controller gain parameters of kp and ki are optimized with the help of PSOANN. The PSOANN improves the accuracy of tuning the gain parameters under steady and dynamic load conditions; thereby it reduces the values of THD within the prescribed limits of IEEE 519. The PSO optimizes the dataset of terminal voltage and DC voltage present in shunt active filter for different load condition. The optimized dataset acts as the input for the controller to predict the optimal gain with minimal error and to generate the optimized control signal for the SAF. The proposed methodology is modelled and simulated with the help of MATLAB/Simulink platform and illustrated the few test cases considered for exhibiting the performance of proposed hybrid controller. The experimental results are measured with developed laboratory prototype and compared with the simulation results to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control methodology.
Artificial neural network, particle swarm optimization, shunt active filter, voltage source inverter, total harmonic distortions.
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