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Ideal Drift Response Curve for Robust Optimal Damper Design for Elastic-Plastic MDOF Structures under Multi-Level Earthquakes

Hiroki Akehashi, Izuru Takewaki*

Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Kyotodaigaku-Katsura, Nishikyo, Kyoto, 615-8540, Japan

* Corresponding Author:Izuru Takewaki. Email:

(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Advances in Computational Mechanics and Optimization
To celebrate the 95th birthday of Professor Karl Stark Pister

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2021, 129(3), 1181-1207.


A new method of robust damper design is presented for elastic-plastic multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) building structures under multi-level ground motions (GMs). This method realizes a design that is effective for various levels of GMs. The robustness of a design is measured by an incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) curve and an ideal drift response curve (IDRC). The IDRC is a plot of the optimized maximum deformation under a constraint on the total damper quantity vs. the design level of the GMs. The total damper quantity corresponds to the total cost of the added dampers. First, a problem of generation of IDRCs is stated. Then, its solution algorithm, which consists of the sensitivity-based algorithm (SBA) and a local search method, is proposed. In the application of the SBA, the passive added dampers are removed sequentially under the specified-level GMs. On the other hand, the proposed local search method can search the optimal solutions for a constant total damper quantity under GMs’ increased levels. In this way, combining these two algorithms enables the comprehensive search of the optimal solutions for various conditions of the status of the GMs and the total damper quantity. The influence of selecting the type of added dampers (oil, hysteretic, and so on) and the selection of the input GMs on the IDRCs are investigated. Finally, a robust optimal design problem is formulated, and a simple local search-based algorithm is proposed. A simple index using the IDRC and the IDA curve of the model is used as the objective function. It is demonstrated that the proposed algorithm works well in spite of its simplicity.


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Akehashi, H., Takewaki, I. (2021). Ideal Drift Response Curve for Robust Optimal Damper Design for Elastic-Plastic MDOF Structures under Multi-Level Earthquakes. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 129(3), 1181-1207.


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