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Analysis and Simulations of Open-Source Intelligence Process System Dynamics from User’s Perspective

Huan Liu1, Zhenyu Tang2, Ning Zhao2,*, Wei Qian1,*

1 Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, 150030, China
2 Harbin Institute of Technology Library, Harbin, 150001, China

* Corresponding Authors: Ning Zhao. Email: email; Wei Qian. Email: email

(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Application of Computer Modeling and Simulation in Social Complex System)

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2023, 134(1), 541-558.


In today’s society with advanced Internet, the amount of information increases dramatically with each passing day, which leads to increasingly complex processes of open-source intelligence. Therefore, it is more important to rationalize the operation mode and improve the operation efficiency of open-source intelligence under the premise of satisfying users’ needs. This paper focuses on the simulation study of the process system of opensource intelligence from the user’s perspective. First, the basic concept and development status of open-source intelligence are introduced in details. Second, six existing intelligence operation process models are summarized and their advantages and disadvantages are compared in focus. Based on users’ preference, the open-source intelligence system simulation theory model is constructed from four aspects: intelligence collection, intelligence processing, intelligence analysis, and intelligence delivery. Meanwhile, the dynamics model of the open-source intelligence process system is constructed based on the open-source intelligence system simulation theoretical model, which specifically includes five parts: determination of system boundary, construction of causal loop diagram, construction of stock flow diagram, writing of mathematical equations, and system sensitivity test. Finally, the system simulation results were analyzed. It was found that improving the system of intelligence agencies, opening up government affairs, improving the professional level of intelligence personnel, strengthening the communication and cooperation among personnel of various intelligence departments, and expressing intelligence products through diverse forms can effectively improve the operational efficiency of the open-source intelligence process system.


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Liu, H., Tang, Z., Zhao, N., Qian, W. (2023). Analysis and Simulations of Open-Source Intelligence Process System Dynamics from User’s Perspective. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 134(1), 541–558.

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