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Research on Career Identity in China: A Literature Review

Huaruo Chen1,2, Ya Wen3,*, Fei Liu4,5, Yihong Zhao6, Zhiyao Xie7, Xuehui Zhang4

1 College of Education Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing, 210023, China
2 Center for Research and Reform in Education, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 21218, USA
3 School of Teachers and Education, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, Nanjing, 211171, China
4 School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, 210097, China
5 School of Education Science, Huaiyin Normal University, Huai’an, 223300, China
6 Publicity Department of Weifang Municipal Committee, Weifang, 261071, China
7 Jiangsu Health Vocational College, Nanjing, 210029, China

* Corresponding Author: Ya Wen. Email: email

International Journal of Mental Health Promotion 2023, 25(2), 153-172.


Career identity is one of the important topics to study the psychological problems of employees, especially after the outbreak of CoV-19. Being a populous country in the world, China has a large number of employees from all walks of life, and its research on career identity has attracted more and more attention. Thus, this study aims to sort out the history, characteristics, and trends of the research on career identity in China through a literature review, which can help more scholars pay attention to China’s career identity research. In this study, Citespace is used to statistically analyze the selected literature from China’s National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and Web of Science (WOS). The results show that: (1) The historical evolution of career identity research in China can be divided into three stages: germination, development and maturity. (2) From the perspective of cooperation between authors and institutions, researchers tend to do independent research, mainly focusing on the research in the field of psychology. (3) From the key words, career identity and employability are the main high-frequency words. (4) From the cluster analysis, the research focuses mainly include social support, teachers’ career identity, influencing factors, and job involvement. (5) From the emergent analysis, it can be seen that the research on roles and differences between urban and rural areas is weakening, and the research on factors such as job satisfaction is gradually strengthening as the frontier theme. Finally, according to the existing analysis results, this study predicts the future trend of career identity in China and thinks that it will extend from the fields of concept explanation, interdisciplinary research, scientific research tools, and so on.

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Research on Career Identity in China: A Literature Review


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Chen, H., Wen, Y., Liu, F., Zhao, Y., Xie, Z. et al. (2023). Research on career identity in china: A literature review. International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 25(2), 153-172.
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Chen H, Wen Y, Liu F, Zhao Y, Xie Z, Zhang X. Research on career identity in china: A literature review. Int J Ment Health Promot. 2023;25(2):153-172
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H. Chen, Y. Wen, F. Liu, Y. Zhao, Z. Xie, and X. Zhang "Research on Career Identity in China: A Literature Review," Int. J. Ment. Health Promot., vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 153-172. 2023.

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