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    CNN-Based Fast HEVC Quantization Parameter Mode Decision

    Liming Chen1, Bosi Wang1,*, Weijie Yu1, Xu Fan1
    Journal of New Media, Vol.1, No.3, pp. 115-126, 2019, DOI:10.32604/jnm.2019.08581
    Abstract With the development of multimedia presentation technology, image acquisition technology and the Internet industry, long-distance communication methods have changed from the previous letter, the audio to the current audio/video. And the proportion of video in work, study and entertainment keeps increasing, high-definition video is getting more and more attention. Due to the limits of the network environment and storage capacity, the original video must be encoded to be efficiently transmitted and stored. High Efficient Video Coding (HEVC) requires a large amount of time to recursively traverse all possible quantization parameter values of the coding unit More >

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