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Brief Note: Reactive oxygen species in bovine embryo in vitro production


Area of Biochemistry, School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. Chorroarín 280, (C1427CWO) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Address correspondence to: Martha T. Beconi, PhD. Area de Química Biológica, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Chorroarín 280, C1427CWO Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. Phone/FAX: (+54-11) 5248452. E-mail:

BIOCELL 2005, 29(2), 209-212.


Oxidative modifications of cell components due to the action of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is one of the most potentially damaging processes for proper cell function. However, in the last few years it has been observed that ROS participate in physiological processes. The aim of this work was to determine ROS generation during in vitro production of bovine embryos. Cumulus-oocyte complexes were recovered by aspiration of antral follicles from ovaries obtained from slaughtered cows and cultured in medium 199 for 22 h at 39ºC in 5% CO2: 95% humidified air. In vitro fertilization was carried out in IVF-mSOF with frozenthawed semen in the same culture conditions and embryo in vitro culture in IVC-mSOF at 90% N2: 5% CO2: 5% O2. ROS was determined in denuded oocytes and embryos at successive stages of development by the 2´,7´-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate fluorescent assay. ROS production was not modified during oocyte maturation. However, a gradual increase in ROS production was observed up to the late morula stage during embryo in vitro culture (P<0.05). In expanded blastocysts, ROS level decreased to reach values similar to the corresponding in oocytes. In the bovine species, the variation in ROS level during the complete process of embryo in vitro production was determined for the first time


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DALVIT, G., CETICA, P., PINTOS, L., BECONI, M. (2005). Brief note: reactive oxygen species in bovine embryo in vitro production. BIOCELL, 29(2), 209-212.
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DALVIT G, CETICA P, PINTOS L, BECONI M. Brief note: reactive oxygen species in bovine embryo in vitro production. BIOCELL . 2005;29(2):209-212
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G. DALVIT, P. CETICA, L. PINTOS, and M. BECONI "Brief Note: Reactive oxygen species in bovine embryo in vitro production," BIOCELL , vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 209-212. 2005.


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