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Three Dimensional Nanoscale Abrasive Cutting Simulation and Analysis for Single-Crystal Silicon Workpiece

Zone-Ching Lin1and Ren-Yuan Wang1

1 NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan.

Computers, Materials & Continua 2010, 16(3), 247-272.


The paper establishes a new three-dimensional quasi-steady molecular statics nanoscale abrasive cutting model to investigate the abrasive cutting behavior in the downpressing and abrasive cutting process of a workpiece in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process. The downpressing and abrasive cutting process is a continuous process. The abrasive cutting process is done after the single abrasive particle has downpressed and penetrated a workpiece to a certain depth of a workpiece. The paper analyzes the effects of the abrasive particles with different diameters on action force. It also analyzes the action force change of abrasive particles with different diameters on the projected area of unit contact face between abrasive particle and workpiece. The distribution of nanoscale equivalent stress and equivalent strain of the midsection of workpiece in abrasive cutting process are also analyzed. Furthermore, the special phenomena those are found in this paper, the one is the diameter of abrasive particle is greater, the action force on the projected area of its unit contact face is smaller and the other one is particular prominent regional action force in nanoscale abrasive cutting process. Besides, adopting the new molecular statics abrasive cutting model developed by the paper, the paper undergoes the simulation of same parameter conditions, and compares the simulation results with the related literature of using molecular dynamics method in order to prove that the new model developed by the paper is reasonable.


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Z. L. R. Wang, "Three dimensional nanoscale abrasive cutting simulation and analysis for single-crystal silicon workpiece," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 16, no.3, pp. 247–272, 2010.

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