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Entropy Generation for Flow and Heat Transfer of Sisko-Fluid Over an Exponentially Stretching Surface

Mohamed Abd El-Aziz1, 2, A. M. Aly1, 3, *

1 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Khalid University, Abha, 61411, Saudi Arabia.
2 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Helwan-Cairo, 11795, Egypt.
3 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, South Valley University, Qena, 83523, Egypt.

* Corresponding Author: A. M. Aly. Email: ; .

Computers, Materials & Continua 2020, 62(1), 37-59.


In the present study, the effects of the magnetic field on the entropy generation during fluid flow and heat transfer of a Sisko-fluid over an exponentially stretching surface are considered. The similarity transformations are used to transfer the governing partial differential equations into a set of nonlinear-coupled ordinary differential equations. Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg method is used to solve the governing problem. The effects of magnetic field parameter M, local slip parameter λ, generalized Biot number γ, Sisko fluid material parameter A, Eckert number Ec, Prandtl number Pr and Brinkman number Br at two values of power law index on the velocity, temperature, local entropy generation number NG and Bejan number Be are inspected. Moreover, the tabular forms for local skin friction coefficient and local Nusselt number under the effects of the physical parameters are exhibited. The current results are helpful in checking the entropy generation for Sisko-fluid. It is found that, an extra magnetic field parameter makes higher Lorentz force that suppresses the velocity. For shear thinning fluids (n < 1), the temperature dominates and the velocity rises. Local entropy generation number is more for larger generalized Biot number, magnetic field parameter and Brinkman number. The local skin friction coefficient increases as magnetic field parameter and material parameter are increase and it decreases as local slip parameter increases. The local Nusselt number decreases as magnetic field parameter, local slip parameter and Eckert number are increase, while it increases as material parameter, generalized Biot number and Prandtl number are increase.


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M. Abd El-Aziz and A. M. Aly, "Entropy generation for flow and heat transfer of sisko-fluid over an exponentially stretching surface," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 62, no.1, pp. 37–59, 2020.


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