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Implementation of Decision Trees as an Alternative for the Support in the Decisionmaking within an Intelligent System in Order to Automatize the Regulation of the Vocs in Non-Industrial Inside Environments

Liliana Aguilar, Salvador W. Nava-Díaz, Gabriel Chavira

Facultad de Ingeniería “Arturo Narro Siller”, Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, Tampico, Tamps. México

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Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2019, 34(5), 297-303.


Natural ventilation is a component that provides a positive impact in the quality of air conditions in indoor environments, especially in non-industrial buildings. The maintenance of a continuous entrance of outside air through windows provides to the indoor a feasible and affordable manner to regulate and sustain low standards in theVOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The technology and the Human Computer-Interaction have contributed to the creation of Intelligent Environments (EI) that provides to humans being a positive and non-intrusive responsiveness of the environment to improve their quality of life in daily activities. The Decision Trees for Decision Making is a mathematical analysis suitable for taking decision. This method will provide an intelligent system with the existent variables in the context that establish the requirement of the natural ventilation. The present paper shows the use of the Decision Trees as an analytical method for the decision making that can be apply in an intelligent system, in the automatize of the natural ventilation in a non-industrial closed environment. This method allows the incorporation of outside air and regulate in a significant manner the Volatile Organic Compounds presents in any occupied building. It was found that the application of Decision Trees and Shannon Entropies provide a feasible procedure for the diagnose of a real backdrop that enable the creation of a routing path for the decision making through the application the computation technology.


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L. Aguilar, S. W. Nava-Díaz and G. Chavira, "Implementation of decision trees as an alternative for the support in the decisionmaking within an intelligent system in order to automatize the regulation of the vocs in non-industrial inside environments," Computer Systems Science and Engineering, vol. 34, no.5, pp. 297–303, 2019.


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