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The Influence of Digital Multimedia Communication Forms on Graphic Design

Shenghong Huang

Applied Technical School, Jiaxing University, Jiaxing, China

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Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2020, 35(3), 215-222.


Today, highly sophisticated technology has changed the lives of most individuals worldwide. In the field of graphic design, the emergence and development of digital multimedia communication forms have had a crucial impact on the creative process of graphic design and even the process of communication, offering more opportunities and more exciting challenges to this domain. And with the continuous improvement of people’s material culture and spiritual culture, the digital age has enriched people’s production and life. Especially in the application of digital multimedia in graphic design, the changes caused by the emergence of digital multimedia focus mainly on the visual expression. With the continuous application of digital multimedia communication forms, the graphic design closely related to it has been affected to some extent. In order to meet the changing data needs of people, graphic design has also begun to adjust accordingly. Therefore, this paper analyzes the relationship between digital multimedia and graphic design from the perspective of art design, systematically determines the relationship between multimedia and graphic design specific design subjects, and studies the influence of digital multimedia technology on graphic design.


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