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Effective Hybrid Content-Based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Requirements Engineering

Qusai Y. Shambour*, Abdelrahman H. Hussein, Qasem M. Kharma, Mosleh M. Abualhaj

Faculty of Information Technology, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, 19328, Jordan

* Corresponding Author: Qusai Y. Shambour. Email: email

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2022, 40(1), 113-125.


Requirements engineering (RE) is among the most valuable and critical processes in software development. The quality of this process significantly affects the success of a software project. An important step in RE is requirements elicitation, which involves collecting project-related requirements from different sources. Repositories of reusable requirements are typically important sources of an increasing number of reusable software requirements. However, the process of searching such repositories to collect valuable project-related requirements is time-consuming and difficult to perform accurately. Recommender systems have been widely recognized as an effective solution to such problem. Accordingly, this study proposes an effective hybrid content-based collaborative filtering recommendation approach. The proposed approach will support project stakeholders in mitigating the risk of missing requirements during requirements elicitation by identifying related requirements from software requirement repositories. The experimental results on the RALIC dataset demonstrate that the proposed approach considerably outperforms baseline collaborative filtering-based recommendation methods in terms of prediction accuracy and coverage in addition to mitigating the data sparsity and cold-start item problems.


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Shambour, Q.Y., Hussein, A.H., Kharma, Q.M., Abualhaj, M.M. (2022). Effective hybrid content-based collaborative filtering approach for requirements engineering. Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 40(1), 113-125.
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Shambour QY, Hussein AH, Kharma QM, Abualhaj MM. Effective hybrid content-based collaborative filtering approach for requirements engineering. Comput Syst Sci Eng. 2022;40(1):113-125
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Q.Y. Shambour, A.H. Hussein, Q.M. Kharma, and M.M. Abualhaj "Effective Hybrid Content-Based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Requirements Engineering," Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng., vol. 40, no. 1, pp. 113-125. 2022.


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