Vol.41, No.3, 2022, pp.1009-1025, doi:10.32604/csse.2022.020785
Automated Teller Machine Authentication Using Biometric
  • Shumukh M. Aljuaid*, Arshiya S. Ansari
Department of Information Technology, College of Computer and Information Sciences, Majmaah University, Al Majma’ah 11952, Saudi Arabia
* Corresponding Author: Shumukh M. Aljuaid. Email:
Received 08 June 2021; Accepted 21 July 2021; Issue published 10 November 2021
This paper presents a novel method of a secured card-less Automated Teller Machine (ATM) authentication based on the three bio-metrics measures. It would help in the identification and authorization of individuals and would provide robust security enhancement. Moreover, it would assist in providing identification in ways that cannot be impersonated. To the best of our knowledge, this method of Biometric_ fusion way is the first ATM security algorithm that utilizes a fusion of three biometric features of an individual such as Fingerprint, Face, and Retina simultaneously for recognition and authentication. These biometric images have been collected as input data for each module in this system, like a fingerprint, a face, and a retina module. A database is created by converting these images to YIQ color space, which is helpful in normalizing the brightness levels of the image hence mainly (Y component’s) luminance. Then, it attempt to enhance Cellular Automata Segmentation has been carried out to segment the particular regions of interest from these database images. After obtaining segmentation results, the featured extraction method is carried out from these critical segments of biometric photos. The Enhanced Discrete Wavelet Transform technique (DWT Mexican Hat Wavelet) was used to extract the features. Fusion of extracted features of all three biometrics features have been used to bring in the multimodal classification approach to get fusion vectors. Once fusion vectors ware formulated, the feature level fusion technique is incorporated based on the extracted feature vectors. These features have been applied to the machine learning algorithm to identify and authorization of multimodal biometrics for ATM security. In the proposed approach, we attempt at useing an enhanced Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN). A hybrid optimization algorithm has been selected based on the effectiveness of the features. The proposed approach results were compared with existing algorithms based on the classification accuracy to prove the effectiveness of our algorithm. Moreover, comparative results of the proposed method stand as a proof of more promising outcomes by combining the three biometric features.
ATM security; biometrics; face recognition; fingerprint; fusion technique; hybrid optimization; retina recognition; image segmentation
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