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Cryptanalysis of 2D-SCMCI Hyperchaotic Map Based Image Encryption Algorithm

Mohammed S. Alshehri1, Sultan Almakdi1,*, Mimonah Al Qathrady2, Jawad Ahmad3

1 Department of Computer Science, Najran University, Najran, 55461, Saudi Arabia
2 Department of Information Systems, Najran University, Najran, 55461, Saudi Arabia
3 School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, EH10 5DT, UK

* Corresponding Author: Sultan Almakdi. Email: email

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2023, 46(2), 2401-2414.


Chaos-based cryptosystems are considered a secure mode of communication due to their reliability. Chaotic maps are associated with the other domains to construct robust encryption algorithms. There exist numerous encryption schemes in the literature based on chaotic maps. This work aims to propose an attack on a recently proposed hyper-chaotic map-based cryptosystem. The core notion of the original algorithm was based on permutation and diffusion. A bit-level permutation approach was used to do the permutation row-and column-wise. The diffusion was executed in the forward and backward directions. The statistical strength of the cryptosystem has been demonstrated by extensive testing conducted by the author of the cryptosystem. This cryptanalysis article investigates the robustness of this cryptosystem against a chosen-plaintext attack. The secret keys of the cryptosystem were retrieved by the proposed attack with 258 chosen-plain images. The results in this manuscript suggest that, in addition to standard statistical evaluations, thorough cryptanalysis of each newly suggested cryptosystem is necessary before it can be used in practical application. Moreover, the data retrieved is also passed through some statistical analysis to compare the quality of the original and retrieved data. The results of the performance analysis indicate the exact recovery of the original data. To make the cryptosystem useful for applications requiring secure data exchange, a few further improvement recommendations are also suggested.


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M. S. Alshehri, S. Almakdi, M. A. Qathrady and J. Ahmad, "Cryptanalysis of 2d-scmci hyperchaotic map based image encryption algorithm," Computer Systems Science and Engineering, vol. 46, no.2, pp. 2401–2414, 2023.

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