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Performance Analysis of Multi-Energy Hybrid System Based on Molten Salt Energy Storage

Xin Xu*, Lian Zhang*

School of Energy Engineering, Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, Tianjin, 300350, China

* Corresponding Authors: Xin Xu. Email: email; Lian Zhang. Email: email

Energy Engineering 2021, 118(6), 1905-1920.


This paper briefly summarizes the current status of typical solar thermal power plant system, including system composition, thermal energy storage medium and performance. The thermo-physical properties of the storage medium are some of the most important factors that affect overall efficiency of the system, because some renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are unpredictable. A thermal storage system is therefore necessary to store energy for continuous usage. Based on the form of storage or the mode of system connection, heat exchangers of a thermal storage system can produce different temperature ranges of heat transfer fluid to realize energy cascade utilization. Founded upon the review, a small hybrid energy system with a molten-salt energy storage system is proposed to solve the problems of heating, cooling, and electricity consumption of a 1000 m2 training hall at school. The system uses molten-salt storage tank, water tank and steam generator to change the temperature of heat transfer fluid, in order to realize thermal energy cascade utilization. Compared to the existing heating and cooling system, the proposed system needs more renewable energy and less municipal energy to achieve the same results according to simulation analysis. Furthermore, by improving the original heating and cooling system, PMV has been improved. The comprehensive efficiency of solar energy utilization has been increased to 83%.


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Xu, X., Zhang, L. (2021). Performance Analysis of Multi-Energy Hybrid System Based on Molten Salt Energy Storage. Energy Engineering, 118(6), 1905–1920.

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