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MHD Natural Convection in a Nanofluid-filled Enclosure with Non-uniform Heating on Both Side Walls

Imen Mejri1,2, Ahmed Mahmoudi1, Mohamed Ammar Abbassi1, Ahmed Omri1

UR: Unité de Recherche Matériaux, Energie et Energies Renouvelables (MEER), Faculté des Sciences de Gafsa, B.P.19, Zarroug, Gafsa, 2112, Tunisie.
Corresponding Author. Email:; Tel: 00216 25345419.

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2014, 10(1), 83-114.


This study examines natural convection in a square enclosure filled with a water-Al2O3 nanofluid and subjected to a magnetic field. The side walls of the cavity have spatially varying sinusoidal temperature distributions. The horizontal walls are adiabatic. A Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is applied to solve the governing equations for fluid velocity and temperature. The following parameters and related ranges are considered: Rayleigh number of the base fluid, from Ra=103 to 106, Hartmann number from Ha=0 to 90, phase deviation (γ =0, π/4, π/2, 3π/4 and π) and solid volume fraction of the nanoparticles between ø = 0 and 6%. The results show that the heat transfer rate increases with an increase in the Rayleigh number but it decreases with an increase in the Hartmann number. For γ =π/2 and Ra=105 the magnetic field strengthens the effect produced by the presence of nanoparticles. For Ha=0, the most evident influence of nanoparticles is achieved at γ = 0 and π/4 for Ra=104 and 105 respectively.


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Mejri, I., Mahmoudi, A., Abbassi, M. A., Omri, A. (2014). MHD Natural Convection in a Nanofluid-filled Enclosure with Non-uniform Heating on Both Side Walls. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 10(1), 83–114.

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