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The Effect of the Fin Length on the Solidification Process in a Rectangular Enclosure with Internal Fins

Laila Khatra1,*, Hamid El Qarnia1, Mohammed El Ganaoui2

Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Department of Physics, P.O. 2390, Fluid Mechanics and Energetic (affiliated to CNRST, URAC 27), Marrakesh, Morocco.
Lorraine University, Energetic Laboratory of Longwy, (FJV/LERMAB), Henri Poincaré Institute of Longwy, France.

* Corresponding Author: Laila Khatra. Email: .

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2019, 15(2), 125-137.


The aim of the proposed work is to study the solidification process within a rectangular enclosure provided with three internal rectangular fins attached to the left vertical wall of the cavity. This latest is filled with a phase change material (PCM), initially liquid, at a temperature above its melting temperature. The solidification process was initiated by cooling the left wall and fins to a temperature lower than the melting temperature. In order to study and examine the thermal behavior and thermal performance of the proposed system, a mathematical model, based on the conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy was developed. The governing equations and their associated boundary and initial conditions were next adimensionalyzed. Therefore, several controlling parameters were appeared. The volume control method was used to discretize the equations. The resulting algebraic equations were solved iteratively. Numerical investigations were carried out to study and examine the effect of the dimensionless fin length on the hydrodynamic and thermal fields of the flow, the dimensionless heat flux, the solidified mass fraction and the dimensionless time of complete solidification.


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Khatra, L., Qarnia, H. E., Ganaoui, M. E. (2019). The Effect of the Fin Length on the Solidification Process in a Rectangular Enclosure with Internal Fins. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 15(2), 125–137.


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