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Performance of a Solar-Biomass Adsorption Chiller

Najeh Ghilen1,3,*, Mohammed El Ganaoui3, Slimane Gabsi1,2, Riad Benelmir3

1 Energy, Water, Environment and Process Laboratory, National School of Engineering of Gabes University of Gabes, Omar Ibn ElKhattab, Gabes, Tunisia
2 National Engineering School of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia
3 Faculty of Sciences and Technology/UIT Longwy Lab. LERMAB (UdL/INRA/Labex ARBRE), University of Lorraine, Nancy, France

* Corresponding Author: Najeh Ghilen. Email: email

(This article belongs to the Special Issue: Materials and Energy an Updated Image for 2021)

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2023, 19(4), 1015-1026.


A dynamic model is presented for a chiller working with a composite adsorbent (silica activated carbon/CaCl2)–water pair in a solar-biomass cooling installation. The main objective is determining a link between two possible evaporator configurations and the refrigerator’s performances. The two considered evaporators work at different pressure levels. The related time evolution profiles of temperature, pressure and water content are studied. Moreover, the effects of hot water inlet temperature and cooling water inlet temperature on the specific cooling capacity (SCP) and coefficient of performance (COP) are predicted by means of numerical simulations. The results show that an increase in the temperature of hot water and a decrease in the temperature of the cooling water allow an increase in COP and SCP. In particular, for a hot water inlet temperature of 85°C and a cooling water inlet temperature of 40°C, the COP and Qev are 0.67 and 4.3 kW, respectively.


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Ghilen, N., Ganaoui, M.E., Gabsi, S., Benelmir, R. (2023). Performance of a solar-biomass adsorption chiller. Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 19(4), 1015-1026.
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Ghilen N, Ganaoui ME, Gabsi S, Benelmir R. Performance of a solar-biomass adsorption chiller. Fluid Dyn Mater Proc. 2023;19(4):1015-1026
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N. Ghilen, M.E. Ganaoui, S. Gabsi, and R. Benelmir "Performance of a Solar-Biomass Adsorption Chiller," Fluid Dyn. Mater. Proc., vol. 19, no. 4, pp. 1015-1026. 2023.

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