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An Experimental Study of Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media with Measurement of Relative Permeability

N. Labed1, L. Bennamoun2, J.P. Fohr3

Faculté des Sciences et Technologie, Université Larbi BenM’hidi, Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria, Tel./Fax: +213 32 47 54 51, Email:
Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Liege, Bat. 6C, Sart Tilman, 4000, Liege, Belgium, Tel.: +32 4 366 47 23, Email:
Laboratoire d’Études Thermiques, URA C.N.R.S., no 1403, Poitier, France.

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2012, 8(4), 423-436.


Intrinsic and relative permeability are indispensable parameters for performing transfers in porous media. In this paper, the conception and ensuing exploitation of a new testing ground for measuring the relative permeability of water and nitrogen are presented. The experimental work was elaborated in the Laboratory of Thermal Studies in Poitiers, (France) where brick samples were used to verify the performance of the proposed testing strategy. The results prove the existence of several stages during the drainage and the imbibitions. In particular, the three stages observed for the case of gas permeability reduce to only two steps for liquid permeability. Comparison with others scientific works is considered. In addition, the validity and reliability of the testing ground and associated measuring method are discussed.


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Labed, N., Bennamoun, L., Fohr, J. (2012). An Experimental Study of Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media with Measurement of Relative Permeability. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 8(4), 423–436.

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