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Active Control of a Piezoelectric Actuated Four-Bar Mechanism Deployed in Robotics Applications

Qais A. Khasawneh1,3, Mohammad Abdel Kareem Jaradat1,2, Mohammad Al-Shabi4, Hala Khalaf1

1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Jordan University of Science and Technology, P.O.Box 3030 Irbid, Jordan
2 Mechanical Engineering Department, American University of Sharjah, P.O.Box (2666) Sharjah, UAE
3 Electromechanical Engineering Department, Institute of Applied Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE
4 Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Sharjah, P.O.Box (27272), Sharjah, UAE

* Corresponding Author: Qais A. Khasawneh, email>

Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 2018, 24(2), 443-457.


This work presents a new micro-positioning system that is implemented in an inchworm robot to move into desired locations. The system consists of four-bar mechanism; one link is fixed, and each one of the remaining links carries a piezoelectric actuator (PZT). PZTs are specifically chosen since they provide fast response and small displacements; up to ±30 µm for ±100 Volts. The system’s mathematical model is derived and is numerically simulated by MATLAB. Three fuzzy PI controllers, which are tuned automatically by genetic algorithm, are designed to control the system. Results indicate an error of less than 1% although disturbances present.


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Q. A. Khasawneh, M. A. K. Jaradat, M. Al-Shabi and H. Khalaf, "Active control of a piezoelectric actuated four-bar mechanism deployed in robotics applications," Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 24, no.2, pp. 443–457, 2018.

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