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Blockchain and Data Integrity Authentication Technique for Secure Cloud Environment

A. Ramachandran1,*, P. Ramadevi2, Ahmed Alkhayyat3, Yousif Kerrar Yousif4

1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University College of Engineering, Panruti, 607106, India
2 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, University College of Engineering, BIT Campus, Anna University, Tiruchirapalli, 620025, India
3 College of Technical Engineering, The Islamic University, Najaf, Iraq
4 Department of Computer Technical Engineering, Al-Hadba University College, Mosul, Iraq

* Corresponding Author: A. Ramachandran. Email:

Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 2023, 36(2), 2055-2070.


Nowadays, numerous applications are associated with cloud and user data gets collected globally and stored in cloud units. In addition to shared data storage, cloud computing technique offers multiple advantages for the user through different distribution designs like hybrid cloud, public cloud, community cloud and private cloud. Though cloud-based computing solutions are highly convenient to the users, it also brings a challenge i.e., security of the data shared. Hence, in current research paper, blockchain with data integrity authentication technique is developed for an efficient and secure operation with user authentication process. Blockchain technology is utilized in this study to enable efficient and secure operation which not only empowers cloud security but also avoids threats and attacks. Additionally, the data integrity authentication technique is also utilized to limit the unwanted access of data in cloud storage unit. The major objective of the projected technique is to empower data security and user authentication in cloud computing environment. To improve the proposed authentication process, cuckoo filter and Merkle Hash Tree (MHT) are utilized. The proposed methodology was validated using few performance metrics such as processing time, uploading time, downloading time, authentication time, consensus time, waiting time, initialization time, in addition to storage overhead. The proposed method was compared with conventional cloud security techniques and the outcomes establish the supremacy of the proposed method.


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A. Ramachandran, P. Ramadevi, A. Alkhayyat and Y. K. Yousif, "Blockchain and data integrity authentication technique for secure cloud environment," Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 36, no.2, pp. 2055–2070, 2023.

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