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Definition and Development of a Control Concept Applied in Elements Distributed for Manage Them Using IoT

Jesus Hamilton Ortiz1, Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf2, Fernando Velez Varela3,*, Nicolas Minotta Rodriguez3, Christian Andres Mosquera Gil3

1 Closemobile R&D, Madrid, 28031, Spain
2 AI-Nahrain University, Baghdad, 10072, Iraq
3 Universidad Libre Seccional Cali, Cali, 760033, Colombia

* Corresponding Author:Fernando Velez Varela. Email:

Journal on Internet of Things 2021, 3(3), 87-97.


In recent years, the Internet has gradually developed into a mature tool, which can integrate technologies involved in different application scenarios. The Internet allows the integration of solutions to different problems, which benefits both users and companies. The Internet of Things is a further development of the Internet, which can further realize the interconnection of people, machines, and things. The work of this paper mainly focuses on the use of Internet of Things technology to achieve efficient management. A wireless device is designed in the paper, which can be integrated in a helmet. This helmet can be used in some specific scenarios. Managers can use the Internet of Things technology to call the data generated by the hearing equipment and lighting equipment in the helmet to identify users. These helmets can be managed through a network platform. On the network platform, in addition to the helmet, some other components can be allowed to access, making the platform more universal and convenient. This paper elaborates on the design and development of the project and shows how to use it for effective time management in the skating rink.


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J. H. Ortiz, O. I. Khalaf, F. V. Varela, N. M. Rodriguez and C. A. M. Gil, "Definition and development of a control concept applied in elements distributed for manage them using iot," Journal on Internet of Things, vol. 3, no.3, pp. 87–97, 2021.

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