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Formaldehyde Free Renewable Thermosetting Foam Based on Biomass Tannin with a Lignin Additive

Bowen Liu1, Yunxia Zhou1, Hisham Essawy2, Shang Feng1, Xuehui Li1, Jingjing Liao1, Xiaojian Zhou1,3,*, Jun Zhang1,*, Sida Xie1

1 Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of Wood Adhesives and Glued Products, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming, 650224, China
2 Department of Polymers and Pigments, National Research Centre, Cairo, 12622, Egypt
3 Key Laboratory for Forest Resources Conservation and Utilisation in the Southwest Mountains of China (Southwest Forestry University), Ministry of Education, Kunming, 650224, China

* Corresponding Authors: Xiaojian Zhou. Email: email; Jun Zhang. Email: email


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