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Properties of Natural Rubber Biocomposities Filled with Alkaline Modified Oat Straw

Marcin Masłowski*, Justyna Miedzianowska and Krzysztof Strzelec

Institute of Polymer & Dye Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Stefanowskiego 12/16, 90-924 Lodz, Poland

*Corresponding author:

Journal of Renewable Materials 2018, 6(7), 746-754.


Novel elastomer biocomposites based on straw fibers (raw or chemically modified) as reinforcing elements of natural rubber (NR) were reported and studied. Oat straw fibres with different average lengths were used. Lignocellulose materials were incorporated into the elastomer, before and after chemical surface modification involving sodium hydroxide. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and microscopy techniques were employed for characterization of fillers. The kinetics of rubber mixtures, as well as rheometric properties of compounds were determined. The cross-linking density was executed on the basis of equilibrium solvent-swelling measurements applying the modified Flory–Rehner equation. The morphology of biocomposites samples was analyzed by a scanning electron microscopy. Mechanical characteristic: the values of hardness, tensile strength and attenuation coefficient were also determined. The physical and chemical investigations have proved the reinforcing effect of treated oat straw on natural rubber vulcanizates.


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Masłowski*,, M. (2018). Properties of Natural Rubber Biocomposities Filled with Alkaline Modified Oat Straw. Journal of Renewable Materials, 6(7), 746–754.

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