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Tumor Growth Modeling from the Perspective of Multiphase Porous Media Mechanics

G. Sciumè∗,†, S.E. Shelton, W.G. Gray, C.T. Miller, F. Hussain§,¶, M. Ferrari, P. Decuzzi, B.A. Schrefler∗,¶

University of Padua, Italy
EcoleNormaleSupérieure, Cachan, France
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
§ University of Houston
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston

Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics 2012, 9(3), 193-212.


Multiphase porous media mechanics is used for modeling tumor growth, using governing equations obtained via the Thermodynamically Constrained Averaging Theory (TCAT). This approach incorporates the interaction of more phases than legacy tumor growth models. The tumor is treated as a multiphase system composed of an extracellular matrix, tumor cells which may become necrotic depending on nutrient level and pressure, healthy cells and an interstitial fluid which transports nutrients. The governing equations are numerically solved within a Finite Element framework for predicting the growth rate of the tumor mass, and of its individual components, as a function of the initial tumor-to-healthy cell ratio, nutrient concentration, and mechanical strain. Preliminary results are shown.


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Sciumè, G., Shelton, S., Gray, W., Miller, C., Hussain, F. et al. (2012). Tumor Growth Modeling from the Perspective of Multiphase Porous Media Mechanics. Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, 9(3), 193–212.

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