Vol.24, No.1, 2022, pp.163-171, doi:10.32604/oncologie.2022.019263
A Primary Sacral Melanoma of Unknown Origin: A Case Report
  • Ismail Bozkurt1,*, Baris Yasar1, Mehmet Baran Uslu2, Nazan Bozdogan3
1 Department of Neurosurgery, Cankiri State Hospital, Cankiri, Turkey
2 Department of Orthopedics, Cankiri State Hospital, Cankiri, Turkey
3 Department of Pathology, Dr. A.Y. Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
* Corresponding Author: Ismail Bozkurt. Email:
Received 12 September 2021; Accepted 28 December 2021; Issue published 31 March 2022
Malignant melanoma caused by malignant transformation of melanocytes is associated with high mortality and is difficult to manage. Metastasis is not uncommon (up to 31% of all cases) and is closely associated with a poor prognosis. Although rare (4–5%), extracutaneous melanoma has been reported; however, primary malignant melanoma of the sacrum is extremely rare (only three case reports to date). Here, we present a 51-year-old patient who underwent surgical treatment for a lesion of the spinal canal and associated bony structures; extensive aggressive resection was required. She underwent partial sacrectomy and lumbo-iliac fixation (to maintain spinal stability). Pathology revealed malignant melanoma. We discuss the diagnosis, surgical intervention, and postoperative follow-up, which may assist clinicians. Although metastatic malignant melanoma is usually fatal, primary extracutaneous melanoma of the spine may respond well to surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy.
Malignant melanoma; sacrum; lumbo-iliac; extracutaneous
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Bozkurt, I., Yasar, B., Uslu, M. B., Bozdogan, N. (2022). A Primary Sacral Melanoma of Unknown Origin: A Case Report. Oncologie, 24(1), 163–171.
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