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RCN3 Expression Indicates Prognosis in Colorectal Cancers

Shengzhe Ma1,#, Xiaoming Zhu1,#, Cheng Xin1,#, Fuao Cao1, Mengnan Xu1, Xiangling Han1, Jinke Sui3,*, Wenjun Chang2,*, Wei Zhang1,*

1 Department of Colorectal Surgery, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai, 200433, China
2 Department of Environmental Health, Naval Medical University, Shanghai, 200433, China
3 Jiahui International Cancer Center, Jiahui International Hospital, Shanghai, 200433, China

* Corresponding Authors: Jinke Sui. Email: email; Wenjun Chang. Email: email; Wei Zhang. Email: email
# Contributed equally to this work

Oncologie 2022, 24(4), 823-833.


Background: Reticulocalbin 3 (RCN3) has been associated with several malignancies. However, its role in colorectal cancer (CRC) remains controversial. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the role of RCN3 in CRC prognosis. Methods: The clinical significance of RCN3 expression in CRC was evaluated in a large cohort of 483 patients. Normal tissues, carcinoma, para-carcinoma, adenoma, and metastatic tissues were evaluated by immunohistochemistry. We investigated the association between RCN3 expression and CRC occurrence in tumors and other tissues. Prognostic factors were also evaluated by Kaplan-Meier survival analysis and the Cox regression model. Results: RCN3 was significantly overexpressed in CRC and metastatic tissues. Patients with high RCN3 expression had shorter disease-free survival than those with low RCN3 expression. Multivariate Cox regression analysis showed a risk ratio HR], 0.607; confidence interval [CI], 0.362–1.016; p < 0.05 after adjusting for other prognostic factors. HighRCN3 expression was also associated with a worse chemotherapeutic response in the colon (p < 0.01) or rectal (p < 0.05) cancer patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy. Conclusion: RCN3 expression level is an independent risk factor and serves as a prognostic biomarker for CRC. High RCN3 expression predicts poor prognosis and chemotherapeutic response.


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Ma, S., Zhu, X., Xin, C., Cao, F., Xu, M. et al. (2022). RCN3 expression indicates prognosis in colorectal cancers. Oncologie, 24(4), 823-833.
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Ma S, Zhu X, Xin C, Cao F, Xu M, Han X, et al. RCN3 expression indicates prognosis in colorectal cancers. Oncologie . 2022;24(4):823-833
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S. Ma et al., "RCN3 Expression Indicates Prognosis in Colorectal Cancers," Oncologie , vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 823-833. 2022.

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