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Dimension-Enhanced Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Ion Mobility-Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Combined with Intelligent Peak Annotation for the Rapid Characterization of the Multiple Components from Seeds of Descurainia sophia

Simiao Wang1,#, Xue Li1,#, Boxue Chen1, Shitong Li1, Jiali Wang1, Jing Wang2, Mingshuo Yang3, Xiaoyan Xu1, Hongda Wang1, Wenzhi Yang1,*

1 State Key Laboratory of Component-Based Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Key Laboratory of TCM Chemistry and Analysis, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, 301617, China
2 Waters Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, 101102, China
3 School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8RZ, UK
# Simiao Wang & Xue Li contributed equally to this work

* Corresponding Author: Wenzhi Yang. Email: email


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