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    Security Monitoring and Management for the Network Services in the Orchestration of SDN-NFV Environment Using Machine Learning Techniques

    Nasser Alshammari1, Shumaila Shahzadi2, Saad Awadh Alanazi1,*, Shahid Naseem3, Muhammad Anwar3, Madallah Alruwaili4, Muhammad Rizwan Abid5, Omar Alruwaili4, Ahmed Alsayat1, Fahad Ahmad6,7

    Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Vol.48, No.2, pp. 363-394, 2024, DOI:10.32604/csse.2023.040721

    Abstract Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology promote several benefits to network operators, including reduced maintenance costs, increased network operational performance, simplified network lifecycle, and policies management. Network vulnerabilities try to modify services provided by Network Function Virtualization MANagement and Orchestration (NFV MANO), and malicious attacks in different scenarios disrupt the NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) and Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) lifecycle management related to network services or individual Virtualized Network Function (VNF). This paper proposes an anomaly detection mechanism that monitors threats in NFV MANO and manages promptly and adaptively to implement and handle security functions in order… More >

  • Open Access


    Vertical Pod Autoscaling in Kubernetes for Elastic Container Collaborative Framework

    Mushtaq Niazi1, Sagheer Abbas1, Abdel-Hamid Soliman2, Tahir Alyas3, Shazia Asif4, Tauqeer Faiz5,*

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.74, No.1, pp. 591-606, 2023, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2023.032474

    Abstract Kubernetes is an open-source container management tool which automates container deployment, container load balancing and container(de)scaling, including Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA), Vertical Pod Autoscaler (VPA). HPA enables flawless operation, interactively scaling the number of resource units, or pods, without downtime. Default Resource Metrics, such as CPU and memory use of host machines and pods, are monitored by Kubernetes. Cloud Computing has emerged as a platform for individuals beside the corporate sector. It provides cost-effective infrastructure, platform and software services in a shared environment. On the other hand, the emergence of industry 4.0 brought new challenges for the adaptability and infusion… More >

  • Open Access


    Novel Architecture of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response in Internet of Blended Environment

    Minkyung Lee1, Julian Jang-Jaccard2, Jin Kwak3,*

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.73, No.1, pp. 199-223, 2022, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2022.028495

    Abstract New technologies that take advantage of the emergence of massive Internet of Things (IoT) and a hyper-connected network environment have rapidly increased in recent years. These technologies are used in diverse environments, such as smart factories, digital healthcare, and smart grids, with increased security concerns. We intend to operate Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) in various environments through new concept definitions as the need to detect and respond automatically to rapidly increasing security incidents without the intervention of security personnel has emerged. To facilitate the understanding of the security concern involved in this newly emerging area, we offer the… More >

  • Open Access


    Network Traffic Obfuscation System for IIoT-Cloud Control Systems

    Yangjae Lee1, Sung Hoon Baek2, Jung Taek Seo3, Ki-Woong Park1,*

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.72, No.3, pp. 4911-4929, 2022, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2022.026657

    Abstract One of the latest technologies enabling remote control, operational efficiency upgrades, and real-time big-data monitoring in an industrial control system (ICS) is the IIoT-Cloud ICS, which integrates the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the cloud into the ICS. Although an ICS benefits from the application of IIoT and the cloud in terms of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and real-time monitoring, the application of this technology to an ICS poses an unprecedented security risk by exposing its terminal devices to the outside world. An adversary can collect information regarding senders, recipients, and prime-time slots through traffic analysis and use it… More >

  • Open Access


    Multi-Path Service Function Chaining for Mobile Surveillance of Animal Husbandry

    Xi Chen1,3, Tao Wu2,*, Mehtab Afzal4

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.71, No.1, pp. 1959-1971, 2022, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2022.022344

    Abstract Animal husbandry is the pillar industry in some ethnic areas of China. However, the communication/networking infrastructure in these areas is often underdeveloped, thus the difficulty in centralized management, and challenges for the effective monitoring. Considering the dynamics of the field monitoring environment, as well as the diversity and mobility of monitoring targets, traditional WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) or IoT (Internet of Things) is difficult to meet the surveillance needs. Mobile surveillance that features the collaboration of various functions (camera, sensing, image recognition, etc.) deployed on mobile devices is desirable in a volatile wireless environment. This paper proposes the service function… More >

  • Open Access


    An Intent-Driven Closed-Loop Platform for 5G Network Service Orchestration

    Talha Ahmed Khan, Khizar Abbas, Afaq Muhammad, Wang-Cheol Song*

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.70, No.3, pp. 4323-4340, 2022, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2022.017118

    Abstract The scope of the 5G network is not only limited to the enhancements in the form of the quality of service (QoS), but it also includes a wide range of services with various requirements. Besides this, many approaches and platforms are under the umbrella of 5G to achieve the goals of end-to-end service provisioning. However, the management of multiple services over heterogeneous platforms is a complex task. Each platform and service have various requirements to be handled by domain experts. Still, if the next-generation network management is dependent on manual updates, it will become impossible to provide seamless service provisioning… More >

  • Open Access


    Complex Problems Solution as a Service Based on Predictive Optimization and Tasks Orchestration in Smart Cities

    Shabir Ahmad1, Jehad Ali2, Faisal Jamil3, Taeg Keun Whangbo1, DoHyeun Kim3,*

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.69, No.1, pp. 1271-1288, 2021, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2021.017773

    Abstract Smart cities have different contradicting goals having no apparent solution. The selection of the appropriate solution, which is considered the best compromise among the candidates, is known as complex problem-solving. Smart city administrators face different problems of complex nature, such as optimal energy trading in microgrids and optimal comfort index in smart homes, to mention a few. This paper proposes a novel architecture to offer complex problem solutions as a service (CPSaaS) based on predictive model optimization and optimal task orchestration to offer solutions to different problems in a smart city. Predictive model optimization uses a machine learning module and… More >

  • Open Access


    AI/ML in Security Orchestration, Automation and Response: Future Research Directions

    Johnson Kinyua1, Lawrence Awuah2,*

    Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, Vol.28, No.2, pp. 527-545, 2021, DOI:10.32604/iasc.2021.016240

    Abstract Today’s cyber defense capabilities in many organizations consist of a diversity of tools, products, and solutions, which are very challenging for Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams to manage in current advanced and dynamic cyber threat environments. Security researchers and industry practitioners have proposed security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions designed to integrate and automate the disparate security tasks, processes, and applications in response to security incidents to empower SOC teams. The next big step for cyber threat detection, mitigation, and prevention efforts is to leverage AI/ML in SOAR solutions. AI/ML will act as a force multiplier empowering SOC analysts… More >

  • Open Access


    Intelligent Approach for Traffic Orchestration in SDVN Based on CMPR

    Thamer Alhussain1, Ahmad Ali AlZubi2,*, Abdulaziz Alarifi2

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.67, No.3, pp. 3749-3763, 2021, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2021.015858

    Abstract The vehicle ad hoc network that has emerged in recent years was originally a branch of the mobile ad hoc network. With the drafting and gradual establishment of standards such as IEEE802.11p and IEEE1609, the vehicle ad hoc network has gradually become independent of the mobile ad hoc network. The Internet of Vehicles (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network, VANET) is a vehicle-mounted network that comprises vehicles and roadside basic units. This multi-hop hybrid wireless network is based on a vehicle-mounted self-organizing network. As compared to other wireless networks, such as mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless mesh networks, etc.,… More >

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