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Reconstruction Technology of Flexible Structure Shape Based on FBG Sensor Array and Deep Learning Algorithm

Kelong Huang, Jie Yan, Lei Zhang*, Faye Zhang, Mingshun Jiang, Qingmei Sui

Control Science and Engineering Academy, Shandong University, Jinan, 250012, China

* Corresponding Author: Lei Zhang. Email: email

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2022, 16(2), 179-194. 10.32604/sdhm.2022.018202


A structural displacement field reconstruction method is proposed to aim at the problems of deformation monitoring and displacement field reconstruction of flexible plate-like structures in the aerospace field. This method combines the deep neural network model of the cross-layer connection structure with the fiber grating sensor network. This paper first introduces the principle of strain detection of fiber grating sensor, studies the mapping relationship between strain and displacement, and proposes a strain-displacement conversion model based on an improved neural network. Then the intelligent structure deformation monitoring system is built. By controlling the stepping distance of the motor to produce different deformations of the plate structure, the strain information and real displacement information are obtained based on the high-density fiber grating sensor network and the dial indicator array. Finally, based on the deformation prediction model obtained by training, the displacement field reconstruction of the structure under different deformation states is realized. Experimental results show that the mean absolute error of the deformation of the measuring points obtained by this method is less than 0.032 mm. This method is feasible in theory and practice and can be applied to the deformation monitoring of aerospace vehicle structures.


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Huang, K., Yan,, J., Zhang, F., Jiang, M., Sui, Q. (2022). Reconstruction Technology of Flexible Structure Shape Based on FBG Sensor Array and Deep Learning Algorithm. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 16(2), 179–194.

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