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Structural Integrity and Durability of High Voltage Composite (Non-Ceramic) Insulators

M. Kumosa1

1 Department of Engineering, University of Denver, 2390S. York Street, Denver, Colorado 80208, USA

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2007, 3(1), 35-50.


This paper deals with the structural integrity and durability of suspension composite (non-ceramic, polymer) insulators widely used in power transmission systems around the world. Under certain conditions, the insulators can fail in-service both electrically and mechanically resulting in the drop of energized transmission lines and power outages. In this work, predominantly mechanical failures of the insulators are discussed. In particular, the most important characteristics of a catastrophic failure process called brittle fracture are described. Subsequently, two examples of insulator failures by brittle fracture are shown and their causes explained. Finally, several recommendations on how to avoid brittle fracture as well as other mechanical and electrical failures of the insulators are presented.


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Kumosa, M. (2007). Structural Integrity and Durability of High Voltage Composite (Non-Ceramic) Insulators. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 3(1), 35–50.

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