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High-g Shocking Testing of the Martlet Wireless Sensing System

Xi Liu, Xinjun Dong, Yang Wang*, Jacob Dodson, Bryan Joyce

Lauren Stewart, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Inst. of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA
Air Force Research Laboratory, Munitions Directorate, Eglin AFB, FL, USA
Energy Technology and Materials Division, University of Dayton Research Inst., Eglin AFB, FL, USA
The author can be reached at:

Sound & Vibration 2018, 52(3), 6-11.


This article reports the latest development of a wireless sensing system, named Martlet, on high-g shock acceleration measurement. The Martlet sensing node design is based on a Texas Instruments Piccolo microcontroller, with clock frequency programmable up to 90 MHz. The high clock frequency of the microcontroller enables Martlet to support high-frequency data acquisition and high-speed onboard computation. In addition, the extensible design of the Martlet node conveniently allows incorporation of multiple sensor boards. In this study, a high-g accelerometer interface board is developed to allow Martlet to work with the selected microelectromechanical system (MEMS) high-g accelerometers. Besides low-pass and high-pass filters, amplification gains are also implemented on the high-g accelerometer interface board. Laboratory impact experiments are conducted to validate the performance of the Martlet wireless sensing system with the high-g accelerometer board. The results of this study show that the performance of the wireless sensing system is comparable to the cabled system.


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Liu, X., Dong, X., Wang, Y., Dodson, J., Joyce, B. (2018). High-g shocking testing of the <i>martlet</i> wireless sensing system. Sound & Vibration, 52(3), 6-11.
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Liu X, Dong X, Wang Y, Dodson J, Joyce B. High-g shocking testing of the <i>martlet</i> wireless sensing system. Sound Vib . 2018;52(3):6-11
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X. Liu, X. Dong, Y. Wang, J. Dodson, and B. Joyce "High-g Shocking Testing of the <i>Martlet</i> Wireless Sensing System," Sound Vib. , vol. 52, no. 3, pp. 6-11. 2018.

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