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Free Vibration Analysis of RC Box-Girder Bridges Using FEM

Preeti Agarwal*, Priyaranjan Pal, Pradeep Kumar Mehta

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, 211004, India

* Corresponding Author: Preeti Agarwal. Email:

Sound & Vibration 2022, 56(2), 105-125.


The free vibration analysis of simply supported box-girder bridges is carried out using the finite element method. The fundamental frequency is determined in straight, skew, curved and skew-curved box-girder bridges. It is important to analyse the combined effect of skewness and curvature because skew-curved box-girder bridge behaviour cannot be predicted by simply adding the individual effects of skewness and curvature. At first, an existing model is considered to validate the present approach. A convergence study is carried out to decide the mesh size in the finite element method. An exhaustive parametric study is conducted to determine the fundamental frequency of box-girder bridges with varying skew angle, curve angle, span, span-depth ratio and cell number. The skew angle is varied from 0° to 60°, curve angle is varied from 0° to 60°, span is changed from 25 to 50 m, span-depth ratio is varied from 10 to 16, and single cell & double cell are used in the present study. A total of 420 bridge models are used for parametric study in the investigation. Mode shapes of the skew-curved bridge are also presented. The fundamental frequency of the skew-curved box-girder bridge is found to be more than the straight bridge, so, the skew-curved box-girder bridge is preferable. The present study may be useful in the design of box-girder bridges.


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Agarwal, P., Pal, P., Mehta, P. K. (2022). Free Vibration Analysis of RC Box-Girder Bridges Using FEM. Sound & Vibration, 56(2), 105–125.

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