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Implementation of OpenMP Parallelization of Rate-Dependent Ceramic Peridynamic Model

Haoran Zhang1, Yaxun Liu2, Lisheng Liu2,*, Xin Lai2,*, Qiwen Liu2, Hai Mei2
1 Department of Engineering Structure amd Mechanics, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, 430070, China
2 Hubei Key Laboratory of Theory and Application of Advanced Materials Mechanics, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, 430070, China
* Corresponding Authors: Lisheng Liu. Email: ; Xin Lai. Email:
(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Peridynamics and its Current Progress)

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2022, 133(1), 195-217.

Received 27 November 2021; Accepted 30 January 2022; Issue published 18 July 2022


A rate-dependent peridynamic ceramic model, considering the brittle tensile response, compressive plastic softening and strain-rate dependence, can accurately represent the dynamic response and crack propagation of ceramic materials. However, it also considers the strain-rate dependence and damage accumulation caused by compressive plastic softening during the compression stage, requiring more computational resources for the bond force evaluation and damage evolution. Herein, the OpenMP parallel optimization of the rate-dependent peridynamic ceramic model is investigated. Also, the modules that compute the interactions between material points and update damage index are vectorized and parallelized. Moreover, the numerical examples are carried out to simulate the dynamic response and fracture of the ceramic plate under normal impact. Furthermore, the speed-up ratio and computational efficiency by multi-threads are evaluated and discussed to demonstrate the reliability of parallelized programs. The results reveal that the total wall clock time has been significantly reduced after optimization, showing the promise of parallelization process in terms of accuracy and stability.


Ceramic penetration behavior; rate-dependent peridynamic model; OpenMP; parallel computing

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Zhang, H., Liu, Y., Liu, L., Lai, X., Liu, Q. et al. (2022). Implementation of OpenMP Parallelization of Rate-Dependent Ceramic Peridynamic Model. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 133(1), 195–217.

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