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An Adaptive BWO Algorithm with RSA for Anomaly Detection in VANETs

Y. Sarada Devi*, M. Roopa

DEPT of ECE SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram, India

* Corresponding Author: Y. Sarada Devi. Email: email

Journal of Cyber Security 2022, 4(3), 153-167.

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Retraction: An Adaptive BWO Algorithm with RSA for Anomaly Detection in VANETs
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Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are designed in accordance with the ad hoc mobile networks (MANETs), i.e., impulsive formation of a wireless network for V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication. Each vehicle is preserved as a node which remains as share of network. All the vehicle in the network is made to be under communication in a VANET because of which all the vehicles in the range can be made connected to a to a unit & a wide network can be established with a huge range. Healthier traffic management, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and provision of road information can be done in VANETs. There may exist a possibility that the VANET can undergo attacks or delayed transmission or theft of information. DOS attack, Black Hole Attack (BHA), Sybil attack (SA) can be few among attacks, that may damage the entire network and can cause hammering to life of citizens. Adaptive Black Widow Optimization with Chimp Algorithm (ABWOCA) is used in the paper where in DOS, Sybil and BHA are analysed. Detection and prevention of attacks is the main concentration in the VANETs. RSA algorithm is used for encryption and decryption to the ideal direction-finding, & Enhanced AODV routing protocol (EAODVRP) is designed. The planned technique is realized in the NS2 platform and verified with many affected nodes. The projected technique is associated with the current approaches like Cuckoo Search Optimization (CSO) & Greywolf Optimization Algorithm (GWOA). The statistical parameters like throughput, delay, encryption & decryption time are studied evaluating the performance of the projected technique.


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Y. Sarada Devi and M. Roopa, "An adaptive bwo algorithm with rsa for anomaly detection in vanets," Journal of Cyber Security, vol. 4, no.3, pp. 153–167, 2022.

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