GIS Applications for Sustainable Development

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Guest Editors

Prof. Chafic-Touma SALAME, European Academy for Sustainable Development

He obtained his PhD in Physics from Perpignan University in 2000, HDR Diploma (Research Director) in 2005 and the Health physics Diploma from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands in 2001. Since 2008 he’s Full Professor at the Lebanese University and managing a research team in the renewable energy and sustainable development. Since 2010, Project Manager for Erasmus+ European Projects related to Sustainability and Environment Protection. Founder and President for the Conferences Series of Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability TMREES. Guest editor of more than 50 Special Issues with the following Publishers: Inderscience, Elsevier, the American Institute of Physics and Emerald insight.

Dr. Maya Raymond JULIAN, European Academy for Sustainable Development

She obtained her BS and MS D. from the American University of Technology (2006) and the Lebanese International University (2009) and PhD. from Lorraine University in 2021. Since 2013 she is leading a research Study on the Carbon Emission impact on the Public Health and the alternative economical non-penalties solutions. Since 2016 she is the President for the European Academy for the Sustainable Development (EURACA) with the purposes: Publication of books, journals, periodicals to reach a long-term continuous improvement of life quality through the creation of sustainable communities able to manage and use resources efficiently and to assess the impact on public health and social cohesion.


The resulting consequence on earth's resources coming from the growing of human population required the application of sustainable practices. 

GIS software has reached a very high level of accuracy and utility that have allowed people around the world communicate innovative ideas to reach sustainability goal, e.g: plan efficient land use, environmental protection, etc…

This special issue GIS Applications for Sustainable Development, contains papers related to GIS applications, Image processing, Land Cover, Land Scape, Segmentation, Classification.


Agronomy and Social Sciences, Sensors, Spatial Analysis, Image Processing, Land Cover, Land Scape, Segmentation, Classification

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