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Review: Correlative microscopy of Purkinje cells


Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas “Drs. Orl,o Castejón, Haydee Viloria de Castejón”. Facultad de Medicina.Universidad del Zulia. Maracaibo. Venezuela.

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BIOCELL 2012, 36(1), 1-29.


The Purkinje cell and their synaptic contacts have been described using (1) light microsocopy, (2) transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and freeze etching technique, (3) conventional and field emission scanning electron microscopy and cryofracture methods, (4) confocal laser scanning microscopy using intravital stain FM64, and (5) immunocytochemical techniques for Synapsin-I, PSD9-5, GluR1 subunit of AMPA receptors, N-cadherin, and CamKII alpha. The outer surface and inner content of plasma membrane, cell organelles, cytoskeleton, nucleus, dendritic and axonal processes have been exposed and analyzed in a three-dimensional view. The intramembrane morphology, in bi- and three-dimensional views, and immunocytochemical labeling of synaptic contacts with parallel and climbing fibers, basket and stellate cell axons have been characterized. Freeze etching technique, field emission scanning microscopy and cryofracture methods, and GluR1 immunohistochemistry showed the morphology and localization of postsynaptic receptors. Purkinje cell shows N-cadherin and CamKII alpha immunoreactivity. The correlative microscopy approach provides a deeper understanding of structure and function of the Purkinje cell, a new three-dimensional outer and inner vision, a more detailed study of afferent and intrinsic synaptic junctions, and of intracortical circuits.


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