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Meiotic behavior and pollinic viability in bean cultivars

Gracieli DALLA NORA, Solange Bosio TEDESCO, Tamara PASTORI, Viviane Dal-Souto FRESCURA*, Nerinéia Dalfollo RIBEIRO, Haywood Dail LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, Sidinei José LOPES, Maria Teresa SCHIFINO-WITTMANN

Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Plant Genotoxicity, Department of Biology, Center for Natural and Exact Sciences, Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

* Address correspondence to: Viviane Dal-Souto Frescura, email

BIOCELL 2014, 38(1), 33-38.


The aims of this study were to determine the meiotic behavior and to estimate pollen grains viability in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars. Flower buds were collected during different developmental stages of the Mesoamerican bean cultivars IAPAR 44, Guapo Brilhante, BRS Expedito, BRS Valente, Guateian 6662 and Pérola, and the Andean bean cultivar Iraí, grown in a greenhouse. The meiotic index was determined by anther squashing of material fixed in absolute ethanol-glacial acetic acid (3:1) and stained with acetic orcein. No meiotic abnormalities were observed and the meiotic indices were high for all cultivars, indicating that the mismatch generated during crosses is not related to any meiotic changes. Estimation of pollen viability was made by comparing acetic orcein staining vs. Alexander’s reactive: pollen viability was high in all cultivars with either stain, but was significantly higher when using the acetic orcein stain (>99%). Though some cultivar showed a significantly smaller pollen size, the range of variation among cultivars was low (means’ range 51-66 μm)


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NORA, G.D., TEDESCO, S.B., PASTORI, T., FRESCURA, V.D., RIBEIRO, N.D. et al. (2014). Meiotic behavior and pollinic viability in bean cultivars . BIOCELL, 38(1), 33-38.
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NORA GD, TEDESCO SB, PASTORI T, FRESCURA VD, RIBEIRO ND, IV HDL, et al. Meiotic behavior and pollinic viability in bean cultivars . BIOCELL . 2014;38(1):33-38
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G.D. NORA et al., "Meiotic behavior and pollinic viability in bean cultivars ," BIOCELL , vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 33-38. 2014.


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