Vol.17, No.2, 2022, pp.147-160, doi:10.32604/chd.2022.017366
Pregnancy in Patients with Shone Complex: A Single-Center Case Series
  • Rachel Gardner1, Emily Durbak1, Rachael Baird2, Katherine Singh2, Jeff Chapa2, David Majdalany3,*
1 Department of Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, 44195, USA
2 Department of Obstetrics, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, 44195, USA
3 Department of Cardiology, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, 85054, USA
* Corresponding Author: David Majdalany. Email:
Received 05 May 2021; Accepted 23 July 2021; Issue published 26 January 2022
Background: There is limited literature written on the course and outcomes for pregnant mothers with Shone complex. Methods: We describe a case series of five pregnancies in four women with Shone complex within a multidisciplinary cardio-obstetrics clinic from 2016–2018. Results: Maternal age ranged from 21–39 years. Three patients had preserved left ventricular function while one had moderately decreased function. Gestational age at presentation ranged from 6–15 weeks. There were three successful pregnancies (mean gestational age = 37 weeks, range 35–39 weeks) with one patient accounting for two unsuccessful pregnancies. All infants were delivered via Cesarean section. One infant required a NICU stay, but all other infants delivered were healthy. Conclusion: Patients with Shone complex can have successful pregnancies although complications can occur for both the mother and the baby. Comprehensive prenatal care, coordinated and consistent management during pregnancy, and tertiary care support can promote positive maternal and fetal outcomes.
Shone complex; pregnancy; cardiac disease in pregnancy; women’s cardiovascular health
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Gardner, R., Durbak, E., Baird, R., Singh, K., Chapa, J. et al. (2022). Pregnancy in Patients with Shone Complex: A Single-Center Case Series. Congenital Heart Disease, 17(2), 147–160.
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