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Congenital Heart Disease is an Open Access Peer-review journal which is focused exclusively on the study and treatment of congenital defects in children and adults.

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  • Characterization of Malalignment between Atrial and Ventricular Septa in Overriding/Straddling Tricuspid and Mitral Valves
  • Abstract Objective: Overriding/straddling of an atrioventricular valve is a consequence of atrial-ventricular septal malalignment. We sought to characterize the malalignment by analogizing it to a flap-door and using structured approach. Methods: The echocardiograms and magnetic resonance images of 35 patients with overriding/straddling tricuspid or mitral valve were evaluated to assess the following modifiers; the malaligned part of the septum, the reference structure, and the mechanism, direction and severity of malalignment. Results: The pathology included classic overriding tricuspid valve in 15, classic overriding mitral valve in 12, and overriding tricuspid valve with left juxtaposition of atrial appendages in 8. In classic overriding… More
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  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Patterns of Practice and Outcomes in Europe and China: An Analysis of the European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association Congenital Heart Surgery Database
  • Abstract Background: The European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association (ECHSA) Congenital Heart Surgery Database (CHSD) was founded in 1999 and is open for worldwide participation. The current dataset includes a large amount of surgical data from both Europe and China. The purpose of this analysis is to compare patterns of practice and outcomes among pediatric congenital heart defect surgeries in Europe and China using the ECHSA-CHSD. Methods: We examined all European (125 centers, 58,261 operations) and Chinese (13 centers, 23,920 operations) data in the ECHSA-CHSD from 2006-2018. Operative mortality, postoperative length of stay, median patient age and weight were calculated for the… More
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  • Longitudinal Evaluation of Right Ventricle Function after Right Ventricle-Pulmonary Artery Shunt vs. Blalock-Taussig Shunt
  • Abstract Background: Still little is known about the impact on right ventricle function of the 2 main approaches to Norwood palliation in Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, the right ventricle-pulmonary artery shunt (RVPAS) and the modified Blalock-Taussig shunt (mBTS). Methods: The cohort included 27 patients with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (10 in the mBTS group, 17 in the RVPAS group). Longitudinal strain, tricuspid annulus peak systolic excursion and fractional area change were evaluated before Norwood and in four different breakpoints in the steady-state after Norwood procedure (30-days, 90-days, 140-days and 200-days after Norwood). Results: No significant differences were found in all standard… More
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  • Surgery for Residual Inferior Left-to-Right Atrial Shunt
  • Abstract We report the case of three female patients who were scheduled for surgical correction of residual left-to-right shunt after initial repair of sinus venosus atrial septal defect (SV-ASD) during childhood. After excluding the possibility of an hemodynamic intervention, all three patients underwent a successful surgical closure through a right mini sub-axillary approach by using total peripheral cannulation for cardiopulmonary bypass and leaving the inferior vena cava completely un-snared allowing for an optimal visualization of the residual atrial septal communication and avoiding extensive dissection of mediastinal structures. More
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  • Prevalence and Spectrum of Complex Congenital Heart Disease in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at High Altitude in China
  • Abstract Background: Previous studies from high altitudes have reported significantly higher prevalence of congenital heart disease (CHD), consisting almost solely of simple CHD. Little is known about the occurrence of complex CHD. Neonates with complex CHD are likely admitted to NICU. We examined the prevalence and spectrum of complex CHD in NICU in order to depict a truer picture of CHD at high altitude. Methods: We reviewed charts of 4,214 neonates admitted to NICU in Qinghai province (average altitude 3,000 m). Echocardiography was performed in 1,943 babies when CHD was suspected based on clinical examinations. Results: CHD was diagnosed in 1,093… More
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  • Contemporary Patterns of Management of Tetralogy of Fallot: Data from a Single Center in China
  • Abstract Background: There is scarce research on large cohorts with tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) from China. The database in Fuwai Hospital was reviewed to ascertain current trends in the management of TOF and to determine the prevalence of various surgical techniques and the optimal early outcome. Methods: This cross-sectional study included 1861 patients who underwent surgery between 2012 and 2017 and were aged 0-18 years old with a primary diagnosis of TOF. A total of 1760 eligible patients were included in the analyses. Results: A total of 1683 patients underwent repair of TOF as a one-stage operation (primary repair). Sixty-one patients… More
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  • The Clinical Application Value of Selective Unifocalization in the Treatment of Severe Pulmonary Artery Atresia with Ventricular Septal Defect
  • Abstract Background: This study aims to explore the efficacy of selective unifocalization (UF) for major aortopulmonary collateral arteries (MAPCAs) unifocalization in children with pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect (PA/VSD). Methods: A retrospective analysis of 13 patients with PA/VSD/MAPCAs who underwent surgery from June 2017 to December 2019. Sex, age, preoperative cardiovascular angiography test results and McGoon ratio were collected. The properties of the collateral arteries were evaluated by angiography, and selective UF for the “dendritic” MAPCAs and ligation of MAPCAs demonstrating distortion and resistance. Results: A total of 13 severe patients underwent one-stage repair, of which 1 case underwent ventricular… More
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  • Effect of Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
  • Abstract Background: The purpose of this study was to investigate whether patients with adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) benefit from exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) short- and long-term with regard to improvement of cardiorespiratory fitness. Methods: Cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) completed by ACHD patients between January 2000 and October 2019 were analysed retrospectively. Linear mixed models were performed for peak oxygen consumption (VO2) with patients as random effect and age, sex, disease classification, preceding surgery (≤3 months) and preceding CR (≤4 weeks for short term and >4 weeks for long term) as fixed effects. Results: 1056 CPETs of 311 ACHD patients with… More
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  • Arrhythmic Risk in Paediatric Patients Undergoing Surgical Repair for Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum
  • Abstract Introduction: While previous studies only focused on the arrhythmic risk associated with specific correction strategies, this study evaluates this risk in a large cohort of paediatric patients with all phenotypes of PA-IVS after surgical repair. Methods: In this single centre observational cohort study, we retrospectively evaluated 165 patients with a diagnosis of PA-IVS and we excluded those with an exclusively percutaneous treatment, patients lost or with insufficient follow-up and those affected by other arrhythmic syndromes. Surgical history and clinical outcomes were reviewed. Results: 86 patients were included in the study (54 male [62.8%], mean age 16.4 ± 6.1 years), with… More
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  • Surgical Correction of Coronary Artery Ectasia Combining Congenital Coronary Artery Fistula
  • Abstract Background: Coronary artery ectasia (CAE) complicated with concomitant congenital coronary artery fistula (CCAF) is rare. This study characterizes the clinical characteristics of CAE combining CCAF, and reports a single-institution experience with surgical correction of CAE combining CCAF. Methods: A total of 24 symptomatic patients (8 males, median 52.5 years old) who underwent surgical correction of CAE combining CCAF in this center were reviewed. Based on the size of ectatic segment, the CAE were classified as a giant CAE (>20 mm, n = 14) and a non-giant CAE (≤20 mm, n = 10). Individualized surgical approaches were chosen. The patients were… More
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