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A Robust Tuned Random Forest Classifier Using Randomized Grid Search to Predict Coronary Artery Diseases

Sameh Abd El-Ghany1,2, A. A. Abd El-Aziz1,3,*

1 Department of Information Systems, College of Computer and Information Sciences, Jouf University, KSA
2 Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura University, Egypt
3 Department of Information Systems and Technology, Faculty of Graduate Studies for Statistical Research, Cairo University, Egypt

* Corresponding Author: A. A. Abd El-Aziz. Email: email

Computers, Materials & Continua 2023, 75(2), 4633-4648.


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the most authentic cardiovascular afflictions because it is an uncommonly overwhelming heart issue. The breakdown of coronary cardiovascular disease is one of the principal sources of death all over the world. Cardiovascular deterioration is a challenge, especially in youthful and rural countries where there is an absence of human-trained professionals. Since heart diseases happen without apparent signs, high-level detection is desirable. This paper proposed a robust and tuned random forest model using the randomized grid search technique to predict CAD. The proposed framework increases the ability of CAD predictions by tracking down risk pointers and learning the confusing joint efforts between them. Nowadays, the healthcare industry has a lot of data but needs to gain more knowledge. Our proposed framework is used for extracting knowledge from data stores and using that knowledge to help doctors accurately and effectively diagnose heart disease (HD). We evaluated the proposed framework over two public databases, Cleveland and Framingham datasets. The datasets were pre-processed by using a cleaning technique, a normalization technique, and an outlier detection technique. Secondly, the principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm was utilized to lessen the feature dimensionality of the two datasets. Finally, we used a hyperparameter tuning technique, randomized grid search, to tune a random forest (RF) machine learning (ML) model. The randomized grid search selected the best parameters and got the ideal CAD analysis. The proposed framework was evaluated and compared with traditional classifiers. Our proposed framework’s accuracy, sensitivity, precision, specificity, and f1-score were 100%. The evaluation of the proposed framework showed that it is an unrivaled perceptive outcome with tuning as opposed to other ongoing existing frameworks.


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S. Abd El-Ghany and A. A. Abd El-Aziz, "A robust tuned random forest classifier using randomized grid search to predict coronary artery diseases," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 75, no.2, pp. 4633–4648, 2023.

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