Aims & Scope

Computer Systems Science and Engineering

ISSN: 0267-6192 (Print)

Whilst considerable progress has been made in the development of computer hardware, the construction of large software or software/hardware systems still remains a challenging area. The issues multiply further when there is a need to achieve greater flexibility through the use of distributed systems, much greater computing power through the use of multiple processors and new architectures, greater reliability through the use of fault tolerance and greater capability though the use of intelligent components.

These areas of research and development activity belong to the developing discipline which known as computer systems. Modern computer systems do not confine themselves to any one of these areas, but draw them together in various combinations.

CSSE is devoted to theoretical developments in computer systems science and their applications in computer systems engineering. The journal covers the intense research activity that is being carried out in the systems field in both theoretical and practical hardware and software problems, together with the substantial amount of work being carried out within industry on the engineering, implementation and development of such systems. Original research papers, state-of-art reviews and technical notes are published regularly. Research notes, new development experience and application papers are an important part of the journal’s all-round coverage of the subject; industrial developments and new products are also monitored. A conference calendar, reviews of new books and reports of important meetings from around the world keep the reader fully informed.