Heuristic-Algorithm Supported Advanced Methods for Medical Data Assessments

Submission Deadline: 31 May 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Muhammad Attique Khan, HITEC University Taxila, Pakistan.
Dr. Venkatesan Rajinikanth, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, India.
Dr. Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari, St. John’s University, USA.


Heuristic annd Meta-Heuristic methods are widely adopted to solve a number of complex real world problems with improved accuracy. Recently, the diagnostic burdens in hospitals are gradually rising and hence the implementation of the advanced diagnostic procedures are very essential. Further, the accurate examination of the medical data is necessary; for screening the patient, detecting the disease with improved accuracy, treatment planning and implementation and recovery rate monitoring.

The integration of the heuristic algorithms with the conventional machine-learning and deep-learning methods considerably improved the screening procedures employed to examine the medical data. Further, the heuristic algorithm integrated methods supports automated evaluation capability and improves the final outcome of the disease detection framework.

This special issue aims to collect the research works associated with various medical data assesment methods usig the heuristic algorithm integrated methods, such as machine-learning scheme, deep-learning scheme and hybrid procedures. This method also welcomes the research works executed in improving the performance of the heuristic algorithms using the mathematical procedures, such as Levy-flight, Brownian-motion and Chaotic-Map. This isses also welcomes the development and implementation of the novel heuristic methds and hybrid-heuristic algorithms considered to examine the medical data.


• Developing mathematical model for the traditional and hybrid-heuristic algorithms
• Heuristic algorithm supported medical image multi-thresholding
• Heuristic algorithm based optimization of machine-learning features
• Heuristic algorithm based optimization of deep-learning features
• Heuristic algorithm based medical data filtering
• Development of hybrid heuristic algorithms to improve medical data examination
• Heuristic algorithm in physiological signal processing
• Machine-Human interaction for health monitoring
• Development of Electronic Health Record (EHR)
• IoT associated smart EHR for efficient data exchange
• Remote patient monitoring with IoT and Cloud

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