Novel Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Solutions for Complicated Systems

Submission Deadline: 01 December 2023 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Dr. Ke Feng, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
Dr. He Li, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Dr. Pu Gao, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.
Dr. Qing Ni, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.


Modern systems tend to be more complicated than ever before, facilitated by novel design concepts and advancements in new technologies such as sensing, material, communication, and systems (or functions) integrity. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is to find the most feasible, economical, and easy-to-follow solutions for failure prevention and performance improvement of complicated systems with the assistance of condition monitoring techniques. O&M tends to be crucial as it lasts longer and is costly compared with other stages of complicated systems.

However, condition monitoring and O&M solutions are difficult to determine owing to (i) It is a coupling subject involving performance analysis, sensor placement and communication, data collection and analysis, as well as benefits evaluation and decision-making; (ii) It requires a comprehensive and deep understanding to the working states of complicated systems and their interactive mechanisms with variable (even unpredicted for some cases) environmental factors.

There is a surging demand to converge the state-of-the-art solutions on the above aspects and provide feasible thinking to guide performance improvement and profit increase. To this end, this special issue is arranged for collecting original research papers dealing with newly emerged condition monitoring and O&M solutions of complicated systems to provide innovative ideas to academia and the most recent interesting applications to engineering.

Original research articles related to the following topics are welcomed:

• Performance analysis of complicated systems: failure, risk, reliability, and availability.

• Performance analysis of complicated systems: stability, robustness, and economy.

• Environment analysis, prediction, and its interactions with complicated systems.

• Morden AI applications in O&M of complicated systems.

• Complicated systems’ test & evaluation.

• Condition monitoring tool’s design and construction for complicated systems.

• Decision-making tools in O&M of complicated systems.


System Condition monitoring
System Operation and Maintenance
System Performance analysis
Modern systems
System Health management
System Predictive maintenance
System Fault diagnosis

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