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Video Identification Based on Watermarking Schemes and Visual Cryptography

Maged Wafy1,2,*, Samr Gamal Zanaty1,3, Mahmoud Elkhouly1

1 Department of Information Technology, Computers and Artificial Intelligence Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
2 Department of Information Technology, Computing Studies Arab Open University, Cairo, Egypt
3 Department of Information Technology, Information Technology and Computer Science Sinai University, Ismailia, Egypt

* Corresponding Author: Maged Wafy. Email: email

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2022, 40(2), 441-453.


Related to the growth of data sharing on the Internet and the wide - spread use of digital media, multimedia security and copyright protection have become of broad interest. Visual cryptography () is a method of sharing a secret image between a group of participants, where certain groups of participants are defined as qualified and may combine their share of the image to obtain the original, and certain other groups are defined as prohibited, and even if they combine knowledge of their parts, they can’t obtain any information on the secret image. The visual cryptography is one of the techniques which used to transmit the secrete image under the cover picture. Human vision systems are connected to visual cryptography. The black and white image was originally used as a hidden image. In order to achieve the owner’s copy right security based on visual cryptography, a watermarking algorithm is presented. We suggest an approach in this paper to hide multiple images in video by meaningful shares using one binary share. With a common share, which we refer to as a smart key, we can decrypt several images simultaneously. Depending on a given share, the smart key decrypts several hidden images. The smart key is printed on transparency and the shares are involved in video and decryption is performed by physically superimposing the transparency on the video. Using binary, grayscale, and color images, we test the proposed method.


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Wafy, M., Zanaty, S.G., Elkhouly, M. (2022). Video identification based on watermarking schemes and visual cryptography. Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 40(2), 441-453.
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Wafy M, Zanaty SG, Elkhouly M. Video identification based on watermarking schemes and visual cryptography. Comput Syst Sci Eng. 2022;40(2):441-453
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M. Wafy, S.G. Zanaty, and M. Elkhouly "Video Identification Based on Watermarking Schemes and Visual Cryptography," Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng., vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 441-453. 2022.

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