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Impact of Human Vulnerabilities on Cybersecurity

Maher Alsharif1, Shailendra Mishra2,*, Mohammed AlShehri1

1 Department of Information Technology, College of Computer and Information Sciences, Majmaah University, Majmaah, 11952, Saudi Arabia
2 Department of Computer Engineering, College of Computer and Information Sciences, Majmaah University, Majmaah, 11952, Saudi Arabia

* Corresponding Author: Shailendra Mishra. Email: email

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2022, 40(3), 1153-1166.


Today, security is a major challenge linked with computer network companies that cannot defend against cyber-attacks. Numerous vulnerable factors increase security risks and cyber-attacks, including viruses, the internet, communications, and hackers. Internets of Things (IoT) devices are more effective, and the number of devices connected to the internet is constantly increasing, and governments and businesses are also using these technologies to perform business activities effectively. However, the increasing uses of technologies also increase risks, such as password attacks, social engineering, and phishing attacks. Humans play a major role in the field of cybersecurity. It is observed that more than 39% of security risks are related to the human factor, and 95% of successful cyber-attacks are caused by human error, with most of them being insider threats. The major human factor issue in cybersecurity is a lack of user awareness of cyber threats. This study focuses on the human factor by surveying the vulnerabilities and reducing the risk by focusing on human nature and reacting to different situations. This study highlighted that most of the participants are not experienced with cybersecurity threats and how to protect their personal information. Moreover, the lack of awareness of the top three vulnerabilities related to the human factor in cybersecurity, such as phishing attacks, passwords, attacks, and social engineering, are major problems that need to be addressed and reduced through proper awareness and training.


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M. Alsharif, S. Mishra and M. AlShehri, "Impact of human vulnerabilities on cybersecurity," Computer Systems Science and Engineering, vol. 40, no.3, pp. 1153–1166, 2022.


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