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Enhanced Metaheuristics with Trust Aware Route Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks

A. Francis Saviour Devaraj1, T. Satyanarayana Murthy2, Fayadh Alenezi3, E. Laxmi Lydia4, Mohamad Adzhar Md Zawawi5, Mohamad Khairi Ishak5,*

1 Department of IT, The University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Ibri, PO Box: 466, Ibri, Postal Code: 516, Sultanate of Oman
2 Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
3 Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Jouf University, Saudi Arabia
4 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology, Visakhapatnam, 530049, India
5 School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Nibong Tebal, 14300, Penang, Malaysia

* Corresponding Author: Mohamad Khairi Ishak. Email: email

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2023, 46(2), 1431-1445.


Recently, a trust system was introduced to enhance security and cooperation between nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSN). In routing, the trust system includes or avoids nodes related to the estimated trust values in the routing function. This article introduces Enhanced Metaheuristics with Trust Aware Secure Route Selection Protocol (EMTA-SRSP) for WSN. The presented EMTA-SRSP technique majorly involves the optimal selection of routes in WSN. To accomplish this, the EMTA-SRSP technique involves the design of an oppositional Aquila optimization algorithm to choose safe routes for data communication. For the clustering process, the nodes with maximum residual energy will be considered cluster heads (CHs). In addition, the OAOA technique gets executed to choose optimal routes based on objective functions with multiple parameters such as energy, distance, and trust degree. The experimental validation of the EMTA-SRSP technique is tested, and the results exhibited a better performance of the EMTA-SRSP technique over other approaches.


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Devaraj, A.F.S., Murthy, T.S., Alenezi, F., Lydia, E.L., Zawawi, M.A.M. et al. (2023). Enhanced metaheuristics with trust aware route selection for wireless sensor networks. Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 46(2), 1431-1445.
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Devaraj AFS, Murthy TS, Alenezi F, Lydia EL, Zawawi MAM, Ishak MK. Enhanced metaheuristics with trust aware route selection for wireless sensor networks. Comput Syst Sci Eng. 2023;46(2):1431-1445
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A.F.S. Devaraj, T.S. Murthy, F. Alenezi, E.L. Lydia, M.A.M. Zawawi, and M.K. Ishak "Enhanced Metaheuristics with Trust Aware Route Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks," Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng., vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 1431-1445. 2023.

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