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Green Energy Development System under the Background of Environmental Sustainability

Qin Liu*, Ruliang Zhang

Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049, China

* Corresponding Author: Qin Liu. Email: email

Energy Engineering 2021, 118(1), 173-187.


With the continuous advancement of economic globalization, energy demand is expanding and energy consumption is excessive, which leads to energy shortage. Unreasonable energy use also brings great challenges to the environment and affects the balance of the ecosystem seriously. The rise of the third industrial revolution has injected new vitality into energy system. The construction of energy Internet system, which integrates Internet technology and energy technology, has become a new energy system of sustainable development. It has put forward the reform scheme for the mismatch of energy demand points and environmental pollution. The deepening of sustainable development strategy accelerates the promotion of energy Internet system, promotes the large-scale utilization and sharing of renewable energy. It also provides a new idea for realizing green energy structure and efficient energy utilization. Firstly, based on the core concept of energy Internet system, this paper reviews the relevant research on energy Internet system in academic and industrial circles, and gives the preliminary definition of energy Internet system market. On this basis, it puts forward the development goal of energy Internet system market. It compares the new energy Internet system market with the traditional single energy market, highlighting the characteristics of energy Internet system market, it is reflected in the diversified transformation of market trading subjects, the diversification of market trading objects, the increasing dependence of information technology and the improvement of the matching degree of supply and demand. Then, the integrated architecture of of the energy Internet system market is carried out, and the issues related to the transaction mode and operation mechanism of the energy Internet system market are discussed. Finally, the frontier problems of energy Internet system market are summarized, and the research prospect of energy Internet system market is put forward.


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