Vol.119, No.4, 2022, pp.1501-1515, doi:10.32604/ee.2022.020082
Multi-Agent Consensus Control Scheme for the Load Control Problem
  • Te Xu1, Zhixian Lin1, Xinwei Lin1, Changsheng Lin1, Feng Gao1, Zixuan Li2, Peiwen Liu2,*
1 Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, 518000, China
2 School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, 210096, China
* Corresponding Author: Peiwen Liu. Email:
Received 03 November 2021; Accepted 07 December 2021; Issue published 23 May 2022
With the help of smart grid technologies, a lot of electrical loads can provide demand response to support the active power balance of the grid. Compared with centralized control methods, decentralized methods reduce the computational burden of the control center and enhance the reliability of the communication. In this paper, a novel second-order multi-agent consensus control method is proposed for load control problem. By introducing the velocity state into the model, the proposed method achieves better performance than traditional ones. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Multi-agent; decentralized control; load control
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Xu, T., Lin, Z., Lin, X., Lin, C., Gao, F. et al. (2022). Multi-Agent Consensus Control Scheme for the Load Control Problem. Energy Engineering, 119(4), 1501–1515.
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