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Visualization of Water Plugging Displacement with Foam/Gel Flooding in Internally Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Jialiang Zhang1, Shumei He1, Tongjing Liu2,*, Tianlu Ni1, Jian Zhou2,3, Fang Huang1

1 Dagang Oilfield Company, China National Petroleum Corporation, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, 300280, China
2 The Unconventional Oil and Gas Institute, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, 102249, China
3 Beijing Jinshi Liyuan Science Co., Ltd., Beijing, 102206, China

* Corresponding Author: Tongjing Liu. Email: email

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2021, 17(5), 931-946.


During the displacement of water plugging with binary flooding in internally heterogeneous reservoirs, it is essential to understand the distributions of remaining oil as well as the oil displacement mechanisms at different stages. In this study, two types of internally heterogeneous systems, i.e., vertical and horizontal wells are investigated experimentally through a microscopic approach. The results show that plugging agent types have a greater impact on oil recovery than well types, and foam injection can enhance oil recovery more effectively than gel injection. Additionally, the injection sequence of plugging agents significantly affects oil displacement efficiency. Injecting gel after foam is more beneficial. According to the present results, the main formation mechanisms of remaining oil in each displacement stage are influenced by: capillary force, viscous force, inertial force, shear force, microscopic fingering & channeling.


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Zhang, J., He, S., Liu, T., Ni, T., Zhou, J. et al. (2021). Visualization of Water Plugging Displacement with Foam/Gel Flooding in Internally Heterogeneous Reservoirs. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 17(5), 931–946.

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