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Optimization of the Structural Parameters of a Plastic Centrifugal Pump

Yifang Shi*, Lingfeng Tang, Yinwu Tan, Wenbin Luo

School of Mechanical Engineering, Anhui Polytechnic University, Wuhu, 241000, China

* Corresponding Author: Yifang Shi. Email: email

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2022, 18(3), 713-736.


The structural design parameters of a plastic centrifugal pump were calculated and modeled, and flow field simulation analysis of the model was performed using CFD, in the framework of an orthogonal design method (or experiment). The inlet mounting angle β1, outlet mounting angle β2, wrap angle ϕ, and impeller inlet diameter D1 of the pump impeller were the four factors assumed for the application of the orthogonal experiment, using the efficiency and Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) as evaluation indices. Moreover, taking the maximum efficiency and minimum NPSH of the plastic centrifugal pump as the evaluation factors, the parameters of the pump impeller were re-optimized through the Taguchi algorithm (leading to the following optimal combination: inlet diameter 35 mm, inlet angle 26°, outlet angle 27°, and wrap angle 110°). The minimum NPSH and the maximum efficiency have been found to be 0.957% and 61.5%, respectively.


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Shi, Y., Tang, L., Tan, Y., Luo, W. (2022). Optimization of the Structural Parameters of a Plastic Centrifugal Pump. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 18(3), 713–736.

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